We're pleased to announce that the AdWords API Workshops are coming back for another round in April and May of 2014. Registration is now open!

Workshop topics include:
  • Shopping campaigns - how shopping integrates into the AdWords API
  • MCC scripts - The feature that was most requested is now available for beta signup
  • FeedServices updates - including the new location extensions setup
  • Targeting types - DSAs, DomainSetting and AutoTagging
  • Analytics - getting started with the Analytics API and how it fits within your AdWords apps
  • Bid Estimation - the different ways to estimate bids using the API

Not only are the workshops an important way to keep up-to-date with new features and best practices in the AdWords API, they are a great way for you to meet with and ask questions of the Google AdWords API team in person. This is also a key event for members of the community to bring their feedback directly to us. Finally, it’s a great opportunity for you to exchange ideas and best practices with fellow developers.

Register now and join us at a workshop in one of the following cities:
  • London, UK, April 29
  • Hamburg, Germany, May 13
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 15
  • New York City, USA, May 5
  • San Francisco, USA, May 12
  • Shanghai, China, May 20 (in Chinese)
  • Taipei, Taiwan, May 22 (in Chinese)
  • Delhi, India, May 26
  • Sydney, Australia, May 29

Note: The workshops in the USA, Europe, and Australia are technical in nature and best suited to developers. Those in China, Taiwan, and India will have additional sessions accessible to a broader audience, including non-developers.

For more information on the agenda, location and logistics, please visit the AdWords API Workshop website.